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Case Study - Windstreek Broiler House - 2016

The Windstreek broiler house is the product of six years of development work and the vision of Robert Nijkmap, a poultry farmer based near Zwolle, in the Netherlands.

The idea for the Windstreek broiler house originated from a Wageningen University research project, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation which explored possible solutions for sustainable broiler production and consumption.

After the research project’s conclusion, Mr Nijkamp was determined to see the Windstreek broiler house become a reality on his farm. He set about pulling together key stakeholders to develop the concept further and eventually realise the design.

The house now produces 145,600 birds per year and the chicken is processed and marketed by Plukon Food Group and sold by Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, mostly as fresh portioned chicken.  

The development of the Windstreek broiler house is a bold project, which incorporates a whole range of innovative features and examples of best practice for animal welfare and the environment, for which it was recognised with a Best Innovation Award from Compassion in 2016.

Read the full technical case study or watch the video here.

Case Study - Windstreek Broiler House - 2016

Case study on the innovative Windstreek broiler house which has been developed in The Netherlands, and offers multiple features for improved broiler welfare and strong…

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